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White TC - 5 Bonus Resources


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This is a great circle for both new and older nations that are not yet nuclear. Post in this thread with a link to your nation if you want to be added. When it fills up I will message everyone ingame and manage the transition of trades.


Aluminum - Em Tae

Cattle - Popcap50

Coal - Popcap50

Fish - Em Tae

Iron -

Lumber -

Marble -

Oil - JNeiman

Wine - JNeiman

Wheat - Nebraska

Water -

Rubber - Nebraska

Effects on Nation

Initial infrastructure cost: -42%

Infrastructure upkeep: -23%

Population increase: 21%

Population happiness increase: 12

Initial land cost: -25%

Purchased land area increase: 35%

Environment: 1

Soldier increase: 38%

Soldier cost decrease: $-6

Tank upkeep cost: -10%

Aircraft cost decrease: -16%

Aircraft limit increase: 10

Water increases number of citizens per mile before population unhappiness by 50.

Bonus Resources

Steel, Construction, Beer, Asphalt, Automobiles.

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hi, i saw the private message too late. Good luck with the circle. I know how hard it is to make one going. If you need anything from me just ask. I could pay one of your trade partners if needed for him to join your circle :D

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