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Kaiser Indie

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(I would have got the flags, but its late and I can't find TGE's :P)

We found love, and got defensive.

Article I

The Alliances of The Red Guard (TRG) and The German Empire (TGE) hereby agree to defend each other against any attacks carried out by another alliance. An attack on one of the alliances will result in a full force aggressive assault by the other.

Any attacks by individual nations between TRG and TGE will be resolved diplomatically.

Article II: Cancellation

If either alliance feels that the love is not as strong as it once was, they must notify the other alliance 48 hours in advance. This treaty will remain in full force until the cancellation period passes.

Signed for The Red Guard by the ruling council:

John Lennon

Comrade Craig

Kaiser Indie

Ken Adams


Sir Pwnage

Signed for The German Empire:

President Chris

The German Empire Chancellor

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