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blue team people, please check this out ;)


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Ok, i am editing everything as i just learned that only trade circles can be done here,

ok, a trade circle... of the next items:

Pigs, Spices, Uranium, Lumber, Gold, Aluminum, Iron, Marble, Coal and Marble...

this would make us have the next bonus resources:




Micro Chips

Radiation Cleanup



*= tech level needed

**=iliteracy level needed

this is the best combination i was able of making, this would give us the next advantages:

infraestructure upkeep -12%

infraestructure puchase cost -43%

Land purchase cost -10%

land cost when selling x3

purchased land area +43%

number of citizens +3.5%

citizen´s daily income +6.00

population happines +8.5

tech cost -13%

environment penalties for owning nuclear weapons -50%

Soldier Efficiency +53%

Soldiers Purchase cost -6.00

soldier upkeep -1.00

Tanks upkeep -18%

Tanks purchase - 8%

aircraft purchase cost -12%

aircraft upkeep -25%

aircraft limit +10

navy vessel upkeep cost -30%.

navy vessel purchase cost -15%

misiles upkeep -20%

nuclear anarchy effects -1 day

nation environment +1

global radiation for your nation -50%

and uranium would give us this: Uranium – Reduces infrastructure upkeep cost -3%. Allow nations to develop nuclear weapons only if that nations government preference supports nuclear weapons. If a nations government preference favors nuclear technology for the use of nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weapons then the nation will receive +$3.00 per citizen and +$0.15 for every level of tech purchased up to level 30 but loses -1 population happiness. If a nation owns nuclear weapons but does not have uranium the cost to maintain nukes is doubled. Lowers Submarine and Aircraft Carrier navy vessel purchase and upkeep cost -5%. ;)

i´m kind of new, so please, foregive me for my mistakes, hope people can join, ;)

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