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Patriot Place !!!


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Patriot Place


NEWS: 1000 to the next 5 members

I. Preamble:

Patriot is a alliance of nations that enjoy playing the game, but don't need the big, out-dated, and defunct alliances. Patriot Place is made for the small user, the guy or girl that doesn't want to be hindered by crazy rules and regulations.

II. Joining and Leaving:

1. Joining :

i. Nations of any strength may join Patriot Place but must meet the following criteria:

a. Cannot be considered a rogue, terrorist, or be on a hit list list for another alliance. You must settle any outstanding issues that you may have with another alliance before being considered for membership.

c. Cannot be a current member of another alliance or an applicant. If you have already applied elsewhere and would like membership here instead, you must contact the other alliance and notify them of your intentions.

d. Nations wishing to be granted membership must post the following information in the Member Sign-Up thread:


Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Nation Strength:


Link to your nation:

2. Leaving

i. You may leave at any time, but be warned. During time of war, leaving is considered desertion and is punishable by being place on the hit list

III. Behavior:

1. The below acts are outlawed in this alliance and are punishable by expulsion or being place on the hit list

a. OOC (Out of Character) threats are under no circumstances tolerated.

b. Racist remarks and flaming is not allowed.

c. Taking the alliance name into your own hand

IIII. Leadership:

1. The chain of command is as follows:

a. President

b. Departments

2. Taking Office:

a. The President is a permanently held position in the alliance

b. Elections for the Head of Departments will take place one every 2 months. Candidates will have a 3 days following the end of the 2 month term to collect nominations for office. After the 3 days, an alliance wide election shall take place in which all members of the alliance are given 1 vote no matter position or title within the alliance.

3. Removal/Leaving Office:

a. Should any Director step down, a special vote will take place. If that is not available at the time, the President will take over.

V. The Flag and Team Color:

1. We do not have a flag on CyberNation, but we do have a custom-flag that will one day be entered.

2. WE cater to all colors, so don't worry if your yellow, maroon, or black.

VI. War:

1. We wage war on the following reasons:

a. War has been declared on us or one of our allies.

b. One of our number is attacked by a member of another alliance and all attempts at peace fail.

c. In defense of another alliance due to treaty obligations.

VII. Tech Raiding:

a. Tech Raiding must be approved by the Department of War

VII. In-Game Spying:

1. In-Game Spying is not tolerated by the alliance. If your caught, you will be expelled

So visit us @ patriotplace.co.cc

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