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Iudex Irritum


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The collection of species commonly known to the world as Nobodies are genetic improbabilities; a hodge-podge of highly survivable traits thrown together into rather startling organisms. The research of these creatures has revealed that, at some point far in the past, their own species diverged from the larger Homini family. The collection of species are as follows.


A Dusk is the most common form of Nobody, and the most hive-minded of the genus. They are the workers, civilians, militia, and everything else rolled into one class. As more Dusks gather into one place they gradually gain more and more collective intelligence. The phenomenon is similar to chaining multiple computer processes and memory cores together to obtain higher performance.

Each Nobody breathes through membranes of more porous skin located on either side of their bodies. The massive amount of lung-space allows for breath being withheld for more than 10 minutes at a time; trapped within the air-sacs lining the creature's entire torso.

The Dusk is also highly capable as a worker; its' muscle density is roughly double that of a Homo Sapien, owing to the constant wiggling action still not understood by Nobodies. This high muscle power is complemented by a hyper-developed brain lending itself to eerily graceful actions. Seeing a Dusk move is reminiscent of a specter gliding through the night.


Samurai are less common than the Dusk, but far more proliferate than the higher forms of Nobody. They are unusually independent, intelligence-wise, though still possess no true form of self without instruction by other races. Samurai are, as the name indicates, warriors of the first degree. They are foot-soldiers, pilots, officers, and high-level thinkers.

Their breathing system is similar to the Dusk, but with less space. This is offset by the ability to cover the vulnerable organs with slats of tough skin akin to "Holding One's Breath". The skin of a Samurai is even tougher than that of a Dusk; akin to hardened leather. Every Samurai is ambidextrous, a trait allowing them to wield two weapons efficiently and effectively.

The six eye-slits a Samurai has gives it high amounts of depth perception and lends itself well to detecting the slightest movement and focusing at an instant. Coupled with a developed fore-brain, the Samurai has an insane reaction-time.


Rarely seen, a Dragoon Nobody is equivalent to the Honor-Guard of other species. These highly capable soldiers serve as an elite corps of fearless, strong warriors. They are kept in reserve with all but the most difficult of battles.

Reports to other species on the Dragoon have been spotty, at best. Generally reports have consisted of tall humanoid figures with ceremonial helmets wielding lances into battle with deadly efficiency. They are capable of bounding forward in charges at lightning-quick speeds, thus earning the name.

The three basic types exist in the wild, but other rare mutations have sprouted up as a result of the strange and barely understood method of reproduction of Nobodies. The closest to explaining the phenomenon would be reincarnation. Souls are recycled into the hive; occasionally the soul of another species makes it into the mix. These create rather strange mixtures of the original race with Nobody characteristics.

In general, Nobodies are birthed in specific chambers deep beneath cities in highly secured areas. They are carried out to nursing areas to be cleaned, fed, and taught for the next few years. Following that, they are fully matured and set off to become welcome members of society.

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Organization XIII Nobody

The members of Organization XIII are the reincarnations of Champions from various times in the history of the race of Nobodies. It was said in ancient prophecies that the coming of the Thirteenth Hero would herald the Golden Age of nothingness in the world. When Roxas was brought into nonexistence, he fulfilled the prophecy by expanding the lands under the control of Nobodies dramatically. The next stage of the prophecy tells of the End-Days.

Organization Nobodies are unique in that they are extremely outwardly similar to regular humans. Same facial features, locations, amounts of limbs, and et cetera. The differences are internal; each Organization Member has muscle density and mass far exceeding any human ever born. Bones with a skeleton of iron laced throughout were much more durable than their human counterparts.

Respiration, unlike every other Nobody, utilized the same system as Humans but with roughly twice the osmosis capacity for oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.

A unique internal system possessed only by Roxas heralded him as the Chosen of the Prophecy. Massive arrays of uniquely adapted organs comprised of Electrocytes stored energy gained through eating. These organs store enough energy to deliver a potentially lethal burst or a series of repulsive blasts of electricity. It lends itself well to his unique fighting style.

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