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Global League Of Protectorates Presents GLOPday!

The Global League Of Protectorates is holding a GLOPday Celebration. The Global League of Protectorates is glad to be hosting this prestigious inter-alliance celebration of the Grand GLOP.

What is GLOPday? GLOPday is a party thrown every month just for the hell of it. The Global League Of Protectorates(GLOP) is an alliance of fun and good international relations and has created this party to emphazise our enthusiasm over these two very different subjects.

What do we do on GLOPday? The Global League Of Protecorates has organized a whole series of events for alliances to compete in, among them being the "last person to post wins" contest, and the great and most popular Arcade Contest. We also have several useless things to do like popping virtual bubblewrap.

When is GLOPday? Right now GLOPday is scheduled for March 20th Through March 22rd. It will start at Midnight GMT on Friday and go until Midnight GMT on Sunday.

Who is invited to GLOPday? Everyone is invited! Anyone from any alliance (Including the Global League Of Protecorates), or even people independent of alliances are free to join in the fun and compete for cash prizes (CN Money).

We hope to hold this celebration every month. Of course this all depends on whether we have the money or not. For this reason, we would like to give reliable people outside the Global League Of Protecorates (and in) a chance to sponsor these events.

All people wishing to participate in these events must register below. People who do not register are not eligible to receive prizes. Sorry, but people that are in ANY war as the aggressor against nations in alliances are not eligible to receive prizes (this must be done to keep our sponsors safe and out of wars). At the end of the celebration a RANDOM REGISTERED person will be chosen to receive a random amount between 500K to 1 mil as a prize just for being here.

If you are want to take part in this event and possibly win some free money or even if you wish to sponsor this event, then plz visit our forums here and post in our GLOPday forum

If you wish to now more please click the link above entitled here and visit our GLOPday forums(http://z9.invisionfree.com/GLOP) or visit our IRC channel #GLOP-CN on coldfront (normally Guardian666 is there so he can help you).

We hope to see you there

See you there


Global League Of Protectorates

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