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Lower economical penalty from Guerilla camps

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As most, if not all improvements, as far as I recall anyhow, has lowered side effects from normal CN, I was just wondering if the same could be done with the Guerilla camps? -8% citizen income might not be much in normal CN, where the game never ends, altho it can be quite devastating for a nations economy in TE, even more so since the rounds only last for two months. Perhaps cut it half to -4% or -5%? But perhaps its just me and everyone else is doing fine with having it at -8%.

As far as im aware, most nations in TE have Guerilla camps, and has them from the very start of their nation to the point where everything is reset. This means that throughout the round, most nations economy is drained away by the Guerilla camp(s) they posses, and as such, they will have less money to spend on infra, land, tech and military, ultimately leading to a slowdown of the game, even if it is a small one. As you are almost always at war during TE, and if we have someone join say, a month or so in game, and have the need to purchase Guerilla camps to fend off attackers, they would most likely not make such a quick buildup, the same goes for nations that have been pounded into the ground.

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And Thus my friend is hwy you have to make a decision...

Yes, I would assume such a mindset would work in normal CN where you only gear up for war when it comes, unlike in TE where you have to stay geared up for war constantly, and as such you will make less to build your nation with, and as such slow down the game.

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To be fair, the boosted TE income kind of answers your question.

But also...yes the majority of nations in TE have GCs but how many are collecting with GCs? I never collect with them unless I'm in serious trouble (tempting fate even more than usual). Wear your GC until you're about to collect, destroy it, collect, buy it back - pretty straightforward no?

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