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Tech Selling Guide


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I just put this guide together for a few friends of mine to give them an idea of how to sell tech. please let me know if i got anything wrong, or there is a more efficient way of doing any of it

how to sell tech

the most important advice i can give you, do not send the tech first.

there are 2 types of tech sell formats, 1X1 and 3X3

1X:1 they send you the cash (1.5mil for 50 tech, 3mil for 100 tech) via foreign aid. you buy 50 tech (and set aside for another 50 if its a 100 tech deal) and wait 10 days, after 10 days you send them 50 tech (if it was a 100 tech deal, you will buy another 50 tech after sending the original 50, then wait another 10 days to send the second half) and you are done. it is all done via foreign aid.


Buyer 1 give seller 1 $3M, seller 1 give 50 tech to buyer 2 and buyer 3 each.

Buyer 2 give seller 2 $3M, seller 2 give 50 tech to buyer 1 and buyer 3 each.

Buyer 3 give seller 3 $3M, seller 3 give 50 tech to buyer 1 and buyer 2 each.

done, all in 1 day.


1X1 gives you more slots to do multiple tech deals (you are limited to 4), but forces you to hold onto large sums of cash for a long period of time, which is risky

3X3 allows all the transfers to be done consecutively, however they are foreign aid slot hogs, which limits the amount of cash you can make off of sales every 10 days

Tech Prices

tech will cost around 800k for 50. you do not want to buy more than 50 at one time, as the price increase is pretty rough once you go over 50.

the following applies to 1X1 only

after your first sale you will purchase 50 and set aside another 800k to buy the second 50 after the first transfer. on your second sale and beyond (provided at least 1 previous sale is still in the process of being payed off) you will go ahead and set 1.6mil aside. using this method on 100 tech deals, you will be getting 3mil per sale, and can spend all but 1.6mil of that sale, meaning you make a profit of 1.4mil per sale. happy hunting.

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