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Havana, Ahead!


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With the rapid succession of intelligent species announcing their presence to the world, the leaders of The World That Never Was decreed the expansion of resources under the command of Nobodies was desirable. With the relatively peaceful Tropicanians to the South; entirely trust-worthy thus far, and expansion already occurring towards the north, the leaders of TWTNW looked to the east.

A chain of unoccupied islands existed off the coast, waiting to be claimed and built upon. For the sake of every sentient species on the Globe, the Nobodies had lain claim to its' untamed wastes. Ships landed in their dozens; aircraft ferried countless Dusks over, watched by their brethren Samurais. They toiled endlessly, colonizing a small area picked out for its' prime location.

The primary landing site, Havana, was born. Always forward-minded, the city was constructed out of consecutive modular buildings; as needs rose so would the number of floors. Each was proofed from the peculiar effect of Electromagnetic Interference, natural or otherwise, by enclosure with complete Faraday Cages. External Signals were relayed through ground-wire to a repeating-station.

Extensive underground sheltering systems were being put into production plans; final drafts suggested the possibility of sheltering an entire population beneath the embrace of the planet. Current recommendations, molded to suit resources, dictated that an extensive subterranean transport system running on Maglev Tracks was essential for proper city-life.

And thus, Havana burst into existence.

(OOC: Claiming Cuba.)

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