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[AEGIS] The Sahkuo March North


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Northern Sahkuo Border, 1200 Hours

War Cheif Gastreok, by the grace of Casimir Khan took 200 of his best men and began the trek northward. The icy forests provided no comfort, but the Khan was certain that there were new resources to be had in the forests and tundra.

Gastreok split his men into 4 units to trek out to the historic borders of Kamchatka Oblast. The cold and wind would make the journey difficult. Gastreok used his radio to send out a message to the world.

"This is Gastreok, Warcheif of the Sahkuo Khaganate. I have been ordered to re-take the rest of our historic homelands of the Kamchatka Oblast. We are not expansionist and mean no harm to the rest of the world and we ask that Outlanders please not interfere in this an internal issue.

Sahk deal with Sahk problems."

With that, the lead unit crossed the border.

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