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selling tech


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i'm looking to sell some tech. =)

the usual 100 tech for 3 million.

i should currently have all my slots open though i prefer to trade with one person at a time to avoid confusion on my end.

I am ready to send $3mil immediately.

When would the tech be sent after payment?

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right now i have a que started lol

to help keep confusion down on my end, i'm starting this with a 1 person to 1 person thing - essentially a 1x1 and only 1 at a time.

right now i have about 3 people in line, one of which i'm working on now.

i know it's probably very frustrating to have to wait, but when it comes down to it, would you rather wait or have me get confused? trust me, me being confused is not pleasant (well, actually, it's mildly entertaining i'm sure, but not when you've put 3 million on the line for it).

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