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King Kevz

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Under the order of Kenji Tatso a number of Imperium soldiers had headed south and boarded a number of civilian transports. Security was very tight around the ports in the south as a number of citizens were arrested for attempting to see what was occuring whilst the two naval patrol boats were able to keep any civlian ships from getting too close for comfort. A total of 20,000 soldiers, 4000 artillery pieces and six Hind-D attack helicopters were loaded into the civilian transports without any one noticing them. Once they were all onboard the ships raised their anchors and left port heading south across the water. It took them roughly fifty minutes to make their way across the expanse of water to the nation of Azerbaijan where upon arrival they sailed into the nation's ports without responding to any messages or requests from the Azerbaijan port authorities. Once they reached the docksides they sat waiting making no move to unload any cargo or passengers.

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