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[CNRP] Elections in the Commonwealth


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OOC: Speeding this along because polls take too long. :P


Over the course of the past few days since independence, the UCSCA held it's inaugural elections for various Government positions. The Results are as follows:


Viceroy of Zambia: Doyen Agobe

Viceroy of South Angola: VACANT

Viceroy of Franzharia: VACANT


Commonwealth Prime Minister: Henry Ayenbedejo (Nationalist Party, Centre-Right)

Duceroy of the Zambian Republic: Valerie Respinotso (Nationalist Party, Centre-Right)

Duceroy of the South Angolan Republic: Vaal Oyonakoye (Angolan Conservative Party, Moderate)

Duceroy of the Franzharian Republic: Simon Schmidt (Socialist Party, Centre-Left)

Commonwealth Parliament, 100 Seats: Nationalist Party 75 Seats, Socialist Party 20 Seats, Monarchist Party 5 Seats

Zambian Parliament: Nationalist Party 20 Seats, Monarchist Party 5 Seats

South Angolan Parliament: A.C.P. 25 Seats

Franzharian Parliament: Socialist Party 24 Seats, Nationalist Party 1 Seat

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