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[CNRP] Investing Millions in Angola


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Government House, Lusakya, Commonwealth Republic of Zambia

Despite the lack of a currently sitting Government in the Commonwealth Republic of South Angola, which remains under the direct governance of the Republic of Zambia, Viceroy Agobe has issued an executive order commanding the immediate survey of the Angolan territories in anticipation of major infrastructural upgrades in the Republic.

The upgrades are expected to include road, rail, Civilian and Military Air Facilities, as well as the creation and expansion of Port facilities in the country.

"As an integral member state of the Commonwealth, we are committed to bringing the quality of life and services in South Angola to a decent and modern state." said a cheerful Viceroy.

The Commonwealth has chosen to make Angola a priority based on it's parent state's (Transvaal's) record of mismanagement and maladministration of the territory, and wishing to distance itself from this shameful past history.

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Lubango, Commonwealth of South Angola

In the Capital of the South Angolan Republic, Viceroy Agobe made his first Official State Visit to the westernmost Republic in the Union. Along with the Viceroy came the first trainloads of Engineers and Materials.

"Citizens of South Angola,

Today marks the beginnings of a new era for your country. We have agreed that it is time to bring hope and prosperity to our impoverished brothers. No less than 300million has been earmarked for immediate upgrades to vital services with another Billion over the next 10 years. We are invested in the success of an integral part of our union."

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Namibe, Commonwealth Republic of South Angola

Viceroy Agobe has ordered the construction and expansion of the Harbor, Shipyards, Drydocks, and Naval Construction Yards in the city. The Construction in the city is expected to take six to nine months to complete.

Secondly, he re-organized Namibe into a seperate Commonwealth Principality and Free-Port.

"Namibe will be a self-autonomous Principality of the Union, putting it in better position to serve as a point of entry for not just Angola but the Commonwealth as a whole."

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