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This document contains the constitution and declaration of Alliance of Nipponia, hereby known as Nipponia. Different sections of law are separated with §:s.

Everything that is written in this document, is offcial and valid information about Nipponia.

Nipponia believes in peace and seeks no wars. Motto of Nipponia shall be: Lust and freedom.

Nipponia is white alliance, alliance color is compulsory.

§1. Membership:

§1.1 Every nation that seeks membership in Nipponia must apply in application area, and answer the following requests:

Nation's ruler:

Nation's name:

Link to nation:

Former alliances you have been in:

Do you promise to follow the rules and laws of Nipponia now and always:

Who recruited you (if any):

§1.2 Membership will not be granted if:

- applicant nation is known spy in CN

- applicant has been inactive more than 5 days

- applicant has not introduced him/herself within 5 days after registration

- any of the council members vetoes the applicant's membership

- The President vetoes the applicant's membership

- applicant is in another alliance at the same time

§1.3 When an applicant has been accepted as member of Nipponia, that member is then fully recognized member with all rights and responsibilities.

§1.4 Members of Nipponia are hereby known and called as nipponians.

§1.5 Members can state their opinions about game or alliance matters in Nipponia forums.

§2. Rights and responsibilities of members and officials:

§2.1 All laws, rules, regulations that has been announced by official council members, or the President are legal, and offcial and should be followed.

§2.2 Breaking any of the rules mentioned in here or in forum's rules section, will result a warning or ban, depending of the crime performed.

§2.3 If a member breaks whole article of the law, then that member will be kicked out of alliance, meaning that he/she will be banned.

§2.4 If a member breaks only one or few sections of article, then that nation will be warned but not banned, unless the damage he/she has caused is so vast that it has majorly put the alliance in danger and/or caused chaos within alliance, then §2.3 is in use.

§2.5 Members have one vote in referendums and can express their opinions about anything freely.

§2.6 Insulting other members or government officials is forbidden, if broken then a warning will be issued.

§2.7 There are 3 warnings in total, after a member gets 3rd warning, that member is banned.

§2.8 These rules can be changed by 2/3 majority in council, or by the President.

§3. Government:

§3.1 The Council of Representatives has the highest status in Nipponia.

§3.2 The Council can change laws and rules with 2/3 majority in votes, and the President will respect that decision.

§3.3 The members of the council will be selected from the parliament by the President.

§3.4 The parliament has 20 seats in total, parliament elections are held once in a month.

§3.5 The council contains: Representative of External Affairs, Representative of Homeland Affairs, Representative of Defence and Representative of Culture.

§3.6 The President can veto the council anytime, and nominate new council members if necessary.

§3.7 President is elected once in 3 months

§3.8 Applicant for President has to fill all of the following requirements:

- been member for atleast 4 months

- no warnings

- needs 6/10 of the votes to be the new President, otherwise the former will stay in the office

§4. Representatives and the President:

§4.1 The President has the power to declare war and peace, and has the right to veto any current vote, change any law or rule in the constitution or any other official document, warn or ban anyone and work as diplomat for other alliances.

§4.2 The Representative of Defence organizes military and takes the charge after war has been declared, the representative of defence is not allowed to declare war by him/herself.

During peace time, RoD works as police man and tracks spies and makes sure everyone follows the law.

§4.3 The Representative of Culture creates patriotic images and propaganda, and forums skin and takes care of any graphical stuff.

§4.4 The Representative of External Affairs works as diplomat and creates new ties with other alliances, all the pacts and and contracts that are offered or proposed by RoE must be accepted by the council first.

§4.5 The Representative of Homeland makes sure all members know their positions and watches that everyone is happy and makes sure there are no rebels inside the alliance.

§4.6 All of the representatives have the right to warn or ban anyone, but it will be decided in council vote that is public to all members.

§4.7 All council decisions are public to everyone to see.


The President of Nipponia, Hayai

We are now recruiting, all top seats are open.

You can register here:


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