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Joint Military Movement into Indochina

Cody Seb

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Today, 150,000 Burmese troops crossed the borders into the stateless lands of Thailand and Northern Laos in concert with United States forces. The troops were supported with mechanized infantry and tanks, their goal to secure the entirety of the Siamese penninsula as a Joint Protectorate between Burma and the United States of China.

Sporadic firefights with drug smugglers and black market runners broke out in the dense jungles, but were inconsequential to the progress of the Burmese Expeditionary Force.

Sr. General Minh Kong was quoted in an official statement concerning the movement.

"Today, the Burmese Expeditionary Force embarked on a mission to secure the stateless lands of Indochina, so as to protect the people's from the troubles of chaotic lawless society and foreign intervention and colonization."

The Burmese troops were greeted as liberators in the towns they reached within the initial movements. Progress will continue.

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Establishment of the Indochinese Protectorate

Today, organized asian forces secured Bangkok, Thailand and Vientiane, Laos. With the two major cities of the stateless regions under control, the Burmese government announced the creation of the Indochinese Protectorate, to be jointly administered by the United States of China and Burma. As of this moment, the Indochinese Protectorate encompasses the entirety of Laos and Thailand, and will be expanding in the coming days to include Southern Vietnam and Penninsular Malaysia.

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