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United White is back

Panic King

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United White is an alliance which has no boards, no government, except me.or assigned roles. Our love of this game drives us to create an alliance where each individual ruler decides how to run their own nation and who to war with. We believe in mutual defence of those in the alliance who have been attacked. However if you attack a nation and then get dogpiled by their alliance, that would be your problem. All we ask is that you be active with your nation, leave 1 offensive war slot open (to assist in mutual defence) and to check the alliance war screens for assistance to your alliance mates. Just set your AA to United White and team to White... That's all there is to it, no tests, no screening, and best of all noone to tell you what to do. (You may get a pm from me from time to time on UW Defensive targets) We have been very successful last 2 rounds as the 6th largest alliance. HAPPY WARRING

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