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Fleet Additions to the Empire

Lord Frost

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In addition to this previous announcement here, the Imperial Naval Service has announced a large update to the Fleet.

First and Foremost, with aid from our allies the Triyunicans, replacement vessels for the murdered Southern Fleet were launched today, bearing the names of their predecessors. The new battleship comes equipped with railguns, as purchased from the UFE some time ago. These ships have been launched with much glory, and are looking forward to long service to the Empire

In addition to the restoration, 4 new ships have been added to the Fleet.

INS Yahagi - Frigate

INS Katori - Frigate

INS Shokaku - Oasis Class Carrier

INS Hiryu - Divine Class Carrier

2 more submarines and transport ships are slated to be launched by tomorrow


OOC: just letting you guys know, unless I specifically put CNRPr in the topic name, all my threads (like this one) should be considered for CNRP

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