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Securing the Future

King Kevz

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With evidance linking gun runners in Somalia to the Kenyan government the President feels that measures must be undertaken to secure the safety of our people from such threats. To do this he has dispatched the majority of the army to the Kenyan border whilst also trying to establish diplomatic links with the Kenyan government so that they can explain their actions and allow the two of us to work out this problem peacefully. The diplomatic staff is already being prepared as we speak and they shall be leaving shortly. We should recieve the first reports in a few hours.

Two hours later.

The situation is worse that is looked as our diplomatic staff were all brutually murdered by Kenyan militia who we believe to be working for their government. With these militia running rampant throughout Kenya is is deemed unsafe for the country to be left as it is and with a heavy heart the President has ordered the military to enter Kenya and establish peace and order. Twenty thousand Somalian soldiers have now crossed the border into Kenya along with their limited armour support. It is unknown how long it will take for the peace operations to take but it is thought to be roughly one or two weeks.

There is currently three targets for the intial push into Kenya and these are the towns of: Garissa, Mandera and Wajir.

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All three operations have proven successful with the total defeat of the Kenyan 1st, 2nd and 4th army divisions who are now in complete retreat to their secondary defense lines. Casualties were light for the Somalian forces however, this is credited to the massive amount of artillery used in the bombardments before the attacks themselves began. With the loss of a few good men and woman numbering roughly between four to five thousand the victorious Somalian divisions press onwards towards the Kenyan capital down the main highways. It expected that in two days the Somalian forces will be able to take the capital and force the Kenyan surrender.

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