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Nicaragua Canal


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OOC: Whoops, forgot the CNRP-R tag.

The NAAC congress in New Barcelona held a discussion today on how to solve the issue of getting access to the Atlantic Ocean from the Gulf of Mexico. With the recent Confederate annexation of the Caribbean and the subsequent refusal to allow NAAC ships through to the ocean, a new method was needed. After several hours of debate, a conclusion was come to: if they could not sail out of the Gulf, they would have to make their own way out. Engineers were called in and the basic plans were drafted. At the early hours of the morning, a statement was sent to the regional news network announcing that a new canal would be built connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


This is the basic lay out for where the canal will be built.

The location was chosen to minimize the distance needed. It is placed at the thinnest point in NAAC controlled Central America and meets Lake Nicaragua in the center. Ports will be constructed on the North shore of Lake Nicaragua as an extension of the major city Managua. These ports will be capable of housing ships on their way through, supplying them, and an entire community is expected to arise around the business sailors on shore leave create.

Hundreds of engineers are already in Nicaragua surveying the area and planning the route. Tens of thousands of laborers are being sent by train from every corner of the NAAC to work on the project, and several thousand USFA laborers are being sent North by boat to contribute to the project. Several tractors similar to those used to construct the Channel Tunnel are being constructed to aid in the creation of the canal.

Once completed, the two portions of the canal will be just over seventy miles long, forty meters wide (four more than the Panama Canal), and deep enough to allow virtually every vessel to safely pass. It will be opened to the public as well; NAAC ships may pass freely and foreign ships may travel through for a small fee based on the length of the ship.

No time frame has yet been given on the construction project.

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