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Expansion Devastation

Julis Romulis

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The Empire has just gotten news from the front lines of the Expansionist war located in southern & northern Italy & along the the southern coast of the island of Sardinia.

troops are making large and highly costly pushes on the island, but many question the war and most believe it is ether because of the spoils of war which are high or just pure hatred for the islanders. The Emperors Press Rep has said that it is neither but have yet to point out why the invasion began and why no diplomatic treaties have begun.

furthermore riots have engulfed the northern controlled part of the island and they want a peaceful end to the war but there so-called "peace rally" was not so peaceful when 10 bystanders were killed 200 protesters and 18 riot officers were killed when it was only 15 minutes into the rally.

More coming later

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