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Celebrations in New Shelf


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Today is New shelf's 3 month birthday so I when down into the festive capital to see what the citizen thought of this adivement

Bill Crosby "I've been living here since day 1 and this is the greatest thing sicnce the victory over Alex

Jackson and the joining of WAPA .

New Citizen John Jonny said "This is grat the wholr of New shelf is happy! im glad im here. Now to unpack the case.

Sid Samy " The greatest advicement since the phone erm... yesterday"

New shelf one and only V.C vet at 22 in wheelchair cause of war" sob sob what a day the greatest non-miltary advicement ever sob cry sorry sob sob Hail WAPA"

statement from sootyking

"Hail New Shelf Congrats on making this a great nation for your hard work well done enjoy the free beer"

Gary Pill " sootyking is great a real leader bringing us out of the ashes and rebel the brishish gov Hail New shelf long live sootyking"

hope you can come party all night and free beer

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