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The rebuilding of Norsvea


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Vince finally made the order to come back to the surface. When most got back, they would find their homes intact, unless that is they lived in Oslo. Everything within a 30 mile radius of the harbor was destroyed, and even everything in the Harbor was gone.

The first objective would be cleanup. Citizens would clean up debris, broken down buildings, and send the building material to be recycled for new buildings. They would get the Oslo crater reduced to just that, an empty crater.

The second step would be using their research of creating artificial land to fill in the crater, leaving an empty slate in which to build the new city.

The final step is reconstruction, the easy part for Distopyans, most of whom were living in Norsvea. Everyone would see the city looking the same as before the bombs.

For now, all official government business was moved to Stockholm.

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