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Manifesto of America


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It is with great joy and pleasure, that we, the people of the countries previously known as Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Chile declare ourselves free from capitalist exploitation and announce that we are building socialism through the People's Democratic Federation of America(South).

Long live the revolution!

Long live PDF America(S)!

OOC: the manifesto will come later, lol

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Well, welcome to South America. Gran Colombia Nuevo strives for unity within it, so we hope for the best of relations.

The People's Democratic Federation of America (South) strongly believes in the self determination of the people, and even though we might consider one or another government reactionary we vow not to interfere unless requested. We believe in friendly relations amongst the people of the new world, and we strongly encourage the portrayal of a friendly image of the peoples of latin america in our media.

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