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Rosieka Elections


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Rosiekan Offical Elections will be on 2/28 with all the Candidates.

Prime Minister John Moore- Rosiekan Capitalist Party (RCP)

PM John moore is the first PM for this small nation under the temperary Government put into place after the Rosieka War. Rating: 96% as of 2/20

Minister David Mick- Rosiekan Conservative Union (RCU)

David Mick is the Forign Relations Minister for the nation of rosieka.

Senator Tom Newmen- Rosiekan Liberal Party (RLP)

Tom won the Senate Election on 12/21 the first election in rosiekan History.

Katie Formen- Rosiekan Communist Movement (RCM)

Katie never won an election before under the new federation.

Senator Bob Vickerson- Rosiekan Nationalist Party (RNP)

Senator Bob is one of the most liked person in the new nation.

Rosiekan Elections will be on 2/28 and the prime minister will be elected by the rosiekan senate 247 Seats - 2 Seats will not hold a vote Senators Bob and Tom.

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