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Heed the Call


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Hanudi abu Zinjari squats down along side the crumbled curb outside a market on the main drag in the city of Tanis . He is waiting for his 12 year old half brother Malik, who bugged his hard-headed brother to finally give in and give him some money to buy a Pepsi.

Zinjari digs into his coat pocket and pulls out a smashed pack of Malimbo cigarettes. He places a cigarette in his mouth, as he look up at the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul across the street. He sighs in great discust, runs his fingers through his thick black hair, and then spits between his legs.

"It seems the French finally finished their renovations." Zinjari pauses a moment to puff on his cigarette. "I'd like to see it burn." He says quietly to two men playing dominos under the tarp entrance of the market. The men slightly smiled, not bothering to look towards him as they continued their game. Zinjari stood up as Malik exited the market. "That should shut you up now." He said to his little brother as he ruffled his hair. "Come along now Brother. We don't want our guest of honor to be late for a very important meeting."

(To be continued....)

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Today, Sunday, Catholics and tourists alike gather to celebrate the grand reopening of the Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul which undergone a long series of renovations over the past year. Traveling from france to help mark this special occation, Father Francis Desbois has agreed to deliver a sermon to the audiance. As he speaks, his voice carries effortlessly through the columns of dark brown seats that rest on the freashly polished marble floors. He can be easily heard from the balcony and through the large opened doors as his voice is poured into the streets of French occupied Tunis. Most of the people on the streets are far too busy getting to work to pay any attention to the noise bellowing from the large building. Except for the elderly men who play dominos every morning after their morning prayer.

They listen...

"....we pray to the holy family to make your family holy! Pray to Our Lady of Good Success to restore to the See of St. Peter a true and a holy pope, to restore the Catholic Church to its former holiness, beauty, and glory throughout the world, to convert or drive out of the Catholic Church the modernists, atheists, communists, heretics, freethinkers, masons, and all who are bent on destroying the Catholic faith in the hearts and minds of her children, and assist all the bishops, priests, religious, and laity who are preserving and prompting the true Catholic faith...."

Shiek Hakeem Asalum takes a moment from his domino game, strokes his long beard and then digs into the pocket of his long robe and pulls out his moble phone.

"They are coming now." He says into the phone. "Yes, and our special guest too. Be sure to begin the meeting as soon as they arrive." Asalum ends the call, drops his moble phone in his pocket and then refocuses his attention back to his domino game.

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