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The League Of Small Superpowers


Want you!

Whilst being one of the oldest alliances in CN, LOSS is well respected, and currently resides on the blue trading sphere.

One of our founding principles is that the smaller nations of today are the superpowers of tomorrow, and this rings true throughout the alliance.

With guides to help improve your nation, personal mentors, an audit system, and cold hard cash, any nation will benefit from the expertise LOSS holds, whether they are grizzled veterans or new players.

All members have the potential to climb to the top, and with both appointed and elected positions available, any member's efforts will not go unnoticed.

To summarize we offer:

1. Many guides, tutorials, and personal advice.

2. Swift protection from enemy attacks.

3. A vibrant community, with many extracurricular activities.

4. Opportunities to become a high ranking official.


For more information visit http://www.lossnet.net

Visit our forums and sign up at http://loss.cn-source.net

Visit our IRC channel, #loss, on coldfront.

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