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The Imperial Republic Factbook


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The Imperial Republic Factbook


IR Codex

The Imperial Codex

Article One: The Council

Article Two: The Executive

Article Three: Provincial Government

Article One: The Council

The Council is an elected body of six individuals, each Councilor represents a single province which together make up the whole of the Republic. The Council then with its combined power selects an individual to serve as the leader of this body, in the position of High Chancellor. Beyond this the council make pass laws by de facto with a 2/3 majority, which it may also use to disfranchise and override the chancellor. Each Councilor is further the leader of a specific Ministry which serves to fulfill the nation’s agenda set forth by its councilor. These ministries are as follows, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Minister of Intelligence, Minister of Finance, and Minister of State Security. The powers and jurisdictions of each of these ministries shall be determined by the will of the Chancellor. Elections for councilors occur once every six years, there is no term limit. Finally only a Council 2/3 majority may make amendments to the Codex.

Article Two: The Executive

The Executive Branch which is comprised of the High Chancellor and his subordinate Ministers is fundamentally dependent upon the Council as it is chosen and can be overridden by it. Therefore the agenda of the Executive shall be generally aligned with that of the Council. The Chancellor with the exception of amendment powers has total authority to pass laws, levy taxes, issue commands to the military, issue commands to his ministers, and so on. There is no limits to his power other than those which a 2/3 majority of the council might impose. The Chancellor serves a life term until either removal, or resignation.

Article Three: Provincial Government

The Nation shall be divided into six provinces of relative material wealth, and population. Each shall have a single councilor representing them and each shall be governed by a single Governor who shall be appointed by the Chancellor. Governors may issue edicts which serve as laws though such edicts may not violate those of the central government. Governors serve a life appointment but may be removed at any point by the sitting Chancellor.



Barrett M468 Assault Rifle


6.8 cal rounds


Desert Eagle:


Air Forces

F-22 Raptor JSF


SR-71 Blackbird


Exact use *CLASSIFIED*

F-35 Lightning Multirole


B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber


B-1 Lancer Supersonic Bomber


B-52 Stratofortress Bomber


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