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[CNRP] Moving Forward


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"Kin and Countrymen.

All of the world is in utter chaos. Nuclear Holocaust has been unleashed and here at home revolts have just been squashed. Yet again we have survived, by the Grace of whatever Force or Diety compels you.

However, there are changes which need to happen in order to assure our survival. Our Hanseatic kin have been driven from their homelands by a nuclear strike from Germany, something against which they had no defense. We are disgusted by this act and denounce it in the strongest possible terms. To prevent looting, lawlessness, or foreign intervention, I am ordering a Mercy Occupation of the wastelands.

Though the areas might be uninhabitable for many generations to come, we will work our hardest to see the day that the Hanseatics can come home.


I am also suspending our membership in the Grand Army of Europe until such a time that we fully determine if the Organization is still workable.

The elections will continue as soon as law and order is restored.

Lastly, I have given my blessing to the wedding of Larsa Solidor and Sarah Tintagyl, I hope they find many years of peace and happiness in their de-facto exile."

King Elijah I

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"Kin and Countrymen,

There is another matter to which I must bring to your attention.

With the lack of a currently residing Chancellor, and his successor-apparent Larsa Solidor exiled to Australia, Parliament has forwarded me the recommendation of dissolving the Office of the Chancellor and assuming the position of Head of State myself.

Given, the outline of the Consitition already allows me to take that route legally, I understand that the people are still pensive about 'Powerful King' in this country. Therefore I have decided not to yet take that position, and rather will call a special session of Parliament to discuss the issue."

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"Kin and Countrymen,

With reports coming in of instability in the nearby countries such as Slavorussia, I am placing what is left of our military on the highest possible status of alert.

We are of course feeling the effects of the Nuclear strikes despite our geographical position. It will take a long time for Scandinavia to recover. With the Hansa a crater and Raccoonia long silent. The last remaining Regional powers must stand united to bring unity and peace to our region."

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