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Biological Wasteland

Cody Seb

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OOC: No one knows about what is happening here.


Nevsky sat in the bunker underneath the Citadel. It still stood, and his bunker was EMP proof, but outside was chaos. The city would most likely be nuked soon as well.

All his communication gear was useless however, as everything outside was fried, save for the wire to Base Eternal Refuge. He pushed the button on the old ham radio, "Base Eternal Refuge, this is Citadel Command. Respond, over."

Static came over, eventually morphing into a voice, "Citadel Command this is General Volkov, over."

"There is a large chance of the capital being attacked by nuclear weapons. Initiate Containment Procedure 1, Alert Level Red, save for in Sofia, Bucharest, Prishtina, and Chisinau. Our troops will continue their assault in Macedonia. Contain the biological attack."

"Yes sir."


In mid sized and small cities all around the Union, soldiers advanced out of the country side. Ctizens infected with Ebola and, unbeknowst to the soldiers, Marbury Virus, ran around screaming. The soldiers would sit on the outskirts of town and throw their actions back.

Citizens ran towards them, screaming and crying. Leaders of the detachments would raise their weapons and throw their hands forward. Every living citizen the soldiers came into contact with were shot. Survivng helicopters flew over the towns with spotlights telling citizens to gather in city halls and similar structures, where the 'virus could be contained.'

The bodies were collected and burned, and the soldiers would move onto the next down. Wash rinse and repeat.

Bottled water from Eternal Refuge was brought out, as well as untainted food. The entire military could survive on this for three months, but after that aid would be needed.

The borders were shut down as surviving local police (those who had been wearing their armor at the time) joined the containment effort. Anyone attempting to leave the country was shot, so as to contain the biological attacks inside the Union.

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