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NAAC Factbook (CNRPR)


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North American Anarchist Confederacy



Background: The North American Anarchist Confederacy (NAAC) is the world's predominant leftist entity. It is constituted by many autonomous anarchist districts united by a regional congress.

History: The history of the NAAC begins in the American Civil War. In 1861 when war broke out, Texas and the other former United States regions of the NAAC seceded from the Union and joined the Confederate States of America. After the Confederate victory in 1870, dissent began to grow in the Southwest.

Texas and the other Southwestern states had been mistreated in the war and were now disregarded after it. The CSA had stripped Texas of its resources for the war effort including horses for cavalry and money for funding the war. Now, after the war, the federal government was refusing to refund the lost supplies and Texas was left alone with its war debts. It had also had less of a reason to rebel than the other Confederate states; it had a minor slave industry, had no war debts from the revolutionary war, and was only brought into the war because they fell within the Confederate sphere of influence.

In 1891, twenty years after the last civil war, Texas again ceceded, this time from the CSA rather than the USA. It formed the Lone Star Republic and absorbed the surrounding states. After a brief war, Texas' numbers proved too great for the CSA to defeat and it was granted sovereignity. Shortly after this in 1892, Mexico sought to regain the land it had lost when Texas seceded and launched an invasion of the weakened Republic. The Mexican armies were successful until, at the Second Battle of the Alamo in 1893 they were defeated by the vastly outnumbered Texan army.

This rallied the morale in Texas and a fierce counter attack began. The Texan armies charged South into Mexico enacting a total war doctrine and destroying all they passed. They burnt Mexico City to the ground and massacared the population, causing damage that would never fully be recovered from. The Texans and Mexicans both suffered heavy casualties and the Texans eventually achieved victory when the last Mexican army was defeated in Oaxaca in 1895. Diaz, the leader of Mexico, signed humiliating peace terms and seceded much of Northern Mexico the Texans.

The soldiers that returned home to Texas had seen the horrors of war and the poverty of the Mexican peasants first hand. They created a strong pacifist and leftist movement in Texas with the Texan Workers' Council becoming the most vital organization of the movement and most powerful union in the country. The Mexican Revolutionary War broke out in 1910. Anarchist general Pancho Villa grew up seeing the horrors of war when the Texans fought Mexico and had his beliefs heavily swayed by it. He overthrew the dictator Diaz in 1920 and established an Anarchist Mexico union, with the general Zapata forming a socialist democracy in the South.

The Anarchist Mexican influence in Mexico grew until, in 1955, after the leftist movement created by World War Two, the Lone Star Republic was overthrown by the Anarchists. The rebellion was known as the Silent Revolution; in one night, nearly every powerful politician was assassinated and the vital government buildings were burnt. Although it took months to fully transition the Republic to Anarchism, the Republic's was doomed from that night.

The Mexican and Texan Anarchists merged and formed the North American Anarchist Confederacy. The NAAC soon grew to be the largest and most powerful Anarchist union in the world. In 2009, the NAAC and Zapatista Union that splintered after the Mexican Revolution reformed into one entity.


Controlled Territories: NAAC controls the Northern regions of Mexico and the Southwestern United States.

Climate: The three predominant climates within the NAAC are hot desert, temperate grassland, and deciduous forest.


Population: Approximately 190,000,000 people live in the NAAC.

Age Structure: 34% of the population is under 20, 53% is 21-50, and 13% is 51+. This age structure indicates that the population is growing at a fast rate.

Ethnicity: 47% of the population is Caucasian, 33% is Latino, and 15% is Asian.


The NAAC will avoid interfering with the rights, actions, and lives of its people as much as possible, but when a decision needs to be made it is done entirely democratically. For community decisions, meetings are held where all members of the community are free to voice their opinions and vote on what the community should do. For decisions involving all of the NAAC, a congress is held in New Barcelona, the NAAC's most populous city, where delegates from every community convey how their people have voted.

The culture of the NAAC has been modified by the revolution as well; marriage is considered taboo and is not officially recognized by the NAAC. Marriage and traditional relationships have been replaced by Free Love; a system of coercion-free, non-sexist, mutually beneficial, and equal relationships. Religion is viewed as a dangerous, reactionary, and outdated belief. Religious organizations are kept out of the NAAC through the threat of exclusion from society and, while being religious is not a crime, it is frowned upon and the religious make up a very small fringe group.

The prison system has also been reformed. It has been shifted from punishment-based to almost entirely rehabilitation-based. The majority of crimes are now seen as mental disorders or results from their environments and are treated with therapy, medication, and education in several large rehabilitation complexes throughout the NAAC.


GDP: $1,799,128,800,000

Major Industries: The NAAC aims to be a completely self sustaining nation. As such, very little is imported and over 99% of the population is employed. Two large industries are agriculture which is predominant in the Northeast and mining which is predominant in the South.


The Revolutionary Militia is the armed force of the NAAC. Membership is completely voluntary and only a fraction of the members are active at any one time. Approximately 80% of the people of the NAAC are officially members, but only 705,000 people are in active combat duties at any one time. Several branches form the Revolutionary Militia. They are:

The Red Army performs all duties for land to land combat. They constitute the majority of the military and are its primary weapon. 500,000 members of the militia are in the Red Army.

The Naval Army perfroms a similar duty to the Red Army, but is intended for marine warfare, meaning that they lead invasions coming from the sea. 100,000 soldiers serve in the Naval Army.

The Mechanized Infantry controls all tanks, artillery, and other armored forces. It usually operates with the Revolutionary Army. 30,000 soldiers serve in the Mechanized Infantry, and 6,000 vehicles are currently in use.

The Air and Rocketry Division controls all airplanes, helicopters, rockets, paratroopers, nuclear weapons. Currently 70 divisions of fighter planes and 5 divisions of bomber planes, 10,000 helicopters, 100 cruise missiles, 7 nuclear missiles, 50,000 paratroopers, 20,000 pilots, and 5,000 rocket commanders are active.

The Military Engineer Corp is a non-combat section of the military. It is tasked with protecting, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure important to the military. This includes military forts, border walls, important highways, and the extensive system of bunkers under all major population centers, created after the many nuclear scares of the cold war and designed to protect and shelter the entire NAAC military and a large portion of its civilian population in the event of a serious disaster or nuclear strike.

Foreign Policy and Relations

The NAAC views all statist and capitalist entities as enemies of the people, but will cooperate with them for the good of its people. It will actively support leftist revolutions and nations across the globe.

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