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[CNRPS] Sahkuo Tries to "Find" Itself


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In light of recent events in and out of the Khanate, the Great Kazymiir Khan has decreed that the land must evolve beyond it's old ways. Slowly, but surely the nomadic Gahklings have begun to settle into permanent settlements.

The scribes have begun to research something new, Mud-Brick and Wooden Dwellings, a major advancement from the portable Game-Skin Yurts of old. It is expected that the first workable dwellings could begin going up within two to three months.

Socially, the Khanate is trying to evolve beyond it's simple Warrior-Has-Allpower ways. Giving rights and responsibilities to all members seems like a distant dream, but the Khan has dedicated his life to bringing new glory to the Children of Gahk.

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