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Zhver Khaganate [CNRPS]

Cody Seb

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OOC: Looked at the tech scale in the CNRPS Guidelines/Rules, and I would have 1972 tech, although as of right now I'm sticking with the 1955 tech I started with. No posting please, at least not yet. I'll open it up for comment later.


Зверь клана

The Zhver Khaganate


The Zhver:


Height: Average- 8' Tall

Range- 7'-10' Tall

Age: Average Age Male: 105

Average Age Female: 110

Average Weight: 475 lbs.

Adaptations: Sharp, Curved Claws/ Sharp Teeth

Distincitons: Thick Fur, Curved Ram-like Horns, Muscular Build

Eye Colors: Yellow most common, Red, Green, and Grey less common

Fur Color: White in winter months, Shades of Brown and Grey in summer months.

Diet: Carnivorous

Defining Abilities: Above Average Speed/ Jumping, Can Wall Walk/Double Jump in Certain Conditions, Are Very Strong, Excellent Climbers, Overall Extremely Agile

Highly attuned senses of hearing and smell, sight is comparable to a human's.

The Nation:

Nation Name: The Zhver Khaganate

Government Type: Meritocratic Clan

Head of Government: Chieftain

'Head of State': Chieftain

Current Chieftain: Su Kong

Capital: Minsk

Extent of Control: Lands historically labelled Byelorussia

Religion: Worship of Natural Forces [i.e. Sun, Moon, gods of the sea and mountains, etc.]

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