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[CNRPS] Kingdom of Sahkuo Factbook


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Creation RP Thread: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=48704


Primary Race: Human [Refer to themselves as 'Sahk', 'Children of Gahk', or 'Gahklings' depending on regional preferences.


Painting of a Typical Sahk Warrior in full War Regalia


Typical Sahk Family Unit

Religion: Spirit and Ancestor Worship revolving around a central Pantheon of Grand Spirits led by the Great Gahk.

State Type: Tribal Monarchy

Head of State: Khan

Currency: Largely a Barter and Trade Society, though stones and small jewels are sometimes used as a rudimentary form of currency.

Society: Largely a Hunter-Gatherer/Agricultural hybrid, with limited knowledge of Industry, and some small technology such as Radios and Flint-Lock Firearms.


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5,500 Soldiers (I'm still small so if no objections I'll use unmodified raw stats for now.)


2,000 - Spearmen

2,000 - Swordsmen

1,000 - Musketmen

500 - Horsemen



.32 Calibre Flint-Lock Rifle


Standard Issue Spear


Standard Issue Oxtail Broadsword


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