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*Taking Bets* - Senator's Cup Final!

Arcadian Empire

Who will win?  

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A Noobs guide to the Senator's Cup Final


Pikachu FC vs. Dendarii Federation




Legion Championship

Order of Matches

Dendarii Federation vs. Pikachu FC - Feb. 15 (10:00am Xpert time/Update +3 CN time)

Pikachu FC vs. Dendarii Federation - Feb. 22 (10:00am Xpert time/Update +3 CN time)


A standard football match, over two legs. The aggregate (added) score will determine the winner, if there is a tie, the team with the more goals scored away from home will win. If that number is the same, extra time and/or a penalty shootout will be needed to determine the winner.


Pikachu FC: DWLDL

Illawarra Steelers: DWWWD

The Managers - according to Xpert Terms

Pikachu FC (Arcadian_Empire). Ranked 8091 in the World, 177th in Australia. Manager rating: 106

Illawarra Steelers (Andrew007). No official ranking. Manager rating: 87

FIFOB Ranking

Arcadian Empire: 5th

Dendarii Federation: Not ranked.

Table Placing

Pikachu FC: 4th, 4 wins 1 draw 2 losses, 14 goals scored, 7 conceded, 13 points.

Illawarra Steelers: 2nd, 4 wins, 2 draw 1 loss, 17 goals scored, 8 conceded, 14 points.

Past Meetings

February 4, 2009 - Pikachu FC 0:2 Illawarra Steelers (league)

December 21, 2008 - Illawarra Steelers 2:0 Pikachu FC (league)

November 5, 2008 - Pikachu FC 5:0 Illawarra Steelers (league)


So, anyone willing to bet?

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