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Dogoro Tribes


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Race: Human (larger than average, both muscle and height wise.....oh, and they eat any meat)

Claim: mapx.jpg

The Dogoro tribe is a faction that broke off a once much larger tribe, the name of which has been lost long ago. The people of Dogoro had disagreed with the other faction and soon a war broke out between them causing the Dogoro and the other tribe soon split off in opposite directions but were always aware of where the other was. Over years the war grew worse until they both agreed to a ceasefire after both tribes were nearly wiped out by the fighting. Over time they became somewhat closer to the other faction but it was obvious that there was still much hatred between them. Eventually they became much close when a time came where they started running out of food, both tribes began working together and managed to survive this terrible time.

Although the Dogoro people have a city to call home they only tend to use it seasonally with them moving into cities in the winter and moving out into the countryside in the summer. However it is not uncommon for them to leave the city for years at a time before finally returning to it. because of the fact that the Dogoro tend to wander away from cities for large amounts of the year they have come across many animals which they have either deemed to be food or worth keeping, one such animal they deemed worth keeping was the Polar Bear which are now very numerous in the lands of the Dogoro due to the fact that the people of Dogoro tend to try and capture a Polar Bear every time they come across one outside their territory. Because of the ferocity of the Polar Bear the Dogoro have taken to placing armor on the animal and using them for a variety of tasks.

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