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Sadism and Floppy Ears

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Hi~ This is Daniel... And I'm a cyute little bun :3

this is me :)img2400bh4.th.jpg

And I want you to join my alliance!

Let's all join together and crush the rebellious followers of ElCid under our gigantic feet!

Now go forth! Set your AA as 'Sadism and Floppy Ears'!

More Information

As you may well know, the reward in the afterlife for giving up one's nation to the cause of the cutest of the cute, floppiest of the flops, and loppiest of the lops, is incredible.

I made a deal with the great animal queen, and she said that you'll each get your own customized haven! I expect you'll all have tons of floppity bunny rabbits, right??

Either way, your reward may not be 'tangible' like it is with joining those *other* alliances. But, how many of those alliances are led by cute fluffy bunnies?

The other advantage to being a member of Sadism and Floppy Ears is that there is no work involved. Simply attack those who we need you to attack (Or don't) and defend those who we want you to defend. >:3

We will strike down our enemies with mighty white paws of malice. Our hind legs know not the ways of mercy and kindness; only those of destruction and hate.

Growl, nip, and scratch your way to thwarting our enemies! We will have our victory.


This is my nation: http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_...tion_ID=1006983

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