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Love From Lopland


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Lopland, 3:03 AM, Wednesday February 10

All nations have an icon. Most are an animal or leader who inspires love and respect in the people's hearts. Lopland's icon is not so benign, however. Over time, She has caused more damage than any national enemy ever could. She takes great pride in negotiating with the country's leaders with her adorable feminine wiles. ElCid seems particularly apathetic to this major problem.

We have hope, however. There is a rebel group seeking to depose our great Rabbit; they call themselves the Buckshot Rebellion. They wish to build a shotgun so large that it might be able to injure the Rabbit long enough so as to move her in to the territory of Lopland's enemies.

Here she is seen in an unassuming pose:


The Content Below is For Your Eyes Only

the Rabbit is a menace
we cannot go on like this
our economy swings with Her mood
She dances upon the big red button
life is uncertain when She is around
someone please... destroy the Rabbit
recent intelligence suggests that she started a front on the TE side of Lopland. this is her nation; all those with even the slightest compassion should attack her http://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1006983

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