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Nominations for FIFOB awards


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This thread is for nominating for the FIFOB awards

Player of the Year: To be nominated, one must have stats on the player (club level only, international stats to be added later) and what the player has done since January 31, 2008

Player's name:

Player's team(s):



Other information:

Club of the Year: to be nominated one must have stats and what the club has done since 1/31/08

Club name:




Other Information:

Nation of the Year: to be nominated, one must present stats, what the nation's clubs and national team has done since 1/31/08



International Stats:

International Silverware:

International Other Info:

(For clubs just insert the club format)

Ruler of the Year: there are no stats required for this, rather one must write this ruler's football accomplishments and why he should win the award.




Other reasons why:

This thread is a non-RP, but is based on RP and non-RP merits in Football on Planet Bob

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