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** 4 BR Circle - great for growth! Already 1/2 completed

Otis Smith

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Looking to get a stable long term circle going. This circle provides a good balance of growth (decreased infra costs), income (+5 happiness from BR) and military benefits (extra planes and decreased navy costs).

Here's what we need and the resources it provides:


Benefits of the Bonus Resources:

Fine Jewelry: +3 Happiness

Fast Food: + 2 Happiness

Construction: -5% off Infrastructure costs & +10 Airplanes

Steel: -5% off Infrastructure costs & -15% off Navy costs

Who is providing what?

Two of the nations I currently trade with have indicated they will join, so it's half way completed.

Coal --- n00bf00d

Diamonds- Cloud Strife

Silver ------ Mumbletopia

Pig --- ArgonV

Spice --- Kaninen

Sugar --- ArgonV

Cattle ------ Mumbletopia

Alum --- n00bf00d

Marble -- Cloud Strife

Iron -------- Zimba

Lumber --- Kaninen

Gold ------- Zimba

Here are benefits it provides:



Other info:

- Green is the preferred color. All partners would already be or change to green to get additional an "team bonus".

- There are no wildcards

- To join you need to have a harbor.

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Hey there. I'm willing to join, I got pigs and sugar: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=207003

My friend Kaninen would also like to join, he has lumber and spices, but no account here. This is his nation: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=199177

Just wondering, can I give my current trade partners an heads up when we have the circle whole? So we start 1-2 days after it's completion? I think it's only fair towards them...

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Welcome aboard.

That was my plan. Once we get all the nations locked in, that we'd set a date a couple days out.

I also want to give my non-circle trading partner some advanced notice.

(opening post updated)

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