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8Brs~Blue Team~ Uranium included


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Trade Circle Completed

This trade circle has up to 8 bonus resources and is of the blue team.

Silver: Onified

Uranium: Onified

Aluminum: Overkillz

Coal: XxSnipezxX

Gems: Petrovich4

Gold: Petrovich4

Iron: Segovia

Lead: Overkillz

Lumber: Spankthefrank

Marble: Spankthefrank

Oil: Segovia

Rubber: XxSnipezxX

The Bonus resourses are:

Asphalt- infra upkeep cost -5%

Automobils- +3 happiness

Construction- -5% infra cost + raise aircraft limit +10

Fine Jewerly- +3 happiness

Microchips- tech cost -8% + +2 happiness + lowers some navy vessels cost+upkeep -10%

Radiation Cleanup- Reduces nuclear anarchy effect by 1 day + evironment +1 + reduces global radiation for your nation -50%

Scholars- +$3.00 income (need literacy rate at 90%+)

Steel- -2% infra cost + lowers navey purchase cost -15%

Uranium lets you buy nukes or gives +$3.00 and +$0.15 for every tech purchesed up to 30 if your nation supports nuclear technology for power plants.


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Initial infrastructure cost: -41%

Infrastructure upkeep:-24.7%

Population increase:0%

Citizen income increase:$9.5

Population happiness increase:15

Initial land cost: -10%

Purchased land area increase:38%

Natural growth increase: x0

Technology cost decrease: -13%

Environment: 1

Soldier increase: 42.6%

Soldier cost decrease: $-6

Soldier upkeep cost: $-0.5

Tank cost decrease: -8%

Tank upkeep cost: -17%

Aircraft cost decrease:-7.8%

Aircraft upkeep: -25%

Aircraft limit increase: 10

Cruise missile cost decrease: -20%

Cruise missile upkeep: -20%

Nuke cost decrease: -20%

Nuke upkeep: -60%

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