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Novus Orbus

Lord Strahd

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Novus Orbus

Novus Orbus is currently recruiting new members. We are quickly approaching our one year anniversary and we are hoping to celebrate that with you. We are excepting nations from any sphere and of any size. As we expand and grow we have many positions coming available these include government,council, treasury, and military positions. We offer the following perks for joining with NO:

-Startup aid just for joining up to $500,000.00

-Tech program

-Banking system

-Military support

-Old guys who know stuff

-Weekly competitions with cash prizes

-And crazy people who like to give money away

As well if it couldn’t get any better Novus Orbus has recently signed multiple treaties. This includes being a member of the CDT, as well we have signed MDP’s with Invicta and UPN making NO a stable and safe place to reside in such a chaotic place like Planet Bob.

You can come and view our charter, follow the link: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Novus_Orbus_Al...hp?showtopic=12

So if you’re interested come visit our forums at: http://z11.invisionfree.com/Novus_Orbus_Alliance


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