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Future Alliance looking for member and government!!

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Oblivion Charter

Article I: Membership

Member nations of Oblivion are expected to be courteous and polite at all times, both with fellow alliance members, or foreigners, both in private, and in public channels.

I: Membership

A.To become a full pledged member of Oblivion, one must first fill out an application and post it in their own thread. The application form is as follows:

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Nation link:

Team Color:

If not black are you willing to change?:

Previous alliances?:

Why do you want to join Oblivion?:

Who recruited you:

Article II Government

Chain of Command



Trium of War/Defense

Trium of Internal Affairs

Trium of Foreign Affairs


Minister of War/Defense

Minister of Internal Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Recruitment

Minister of Commerce/Banking

Emperor - The Emperor is the chief of command in all military matters. The Emperor also has the final say in all treaties, admendments, and political matters.

Triumvirate - The Triumvirate consists of 3 equally powered members who are required to make sure everything in the PI government run's right, equal, and fair. The Triumvirate is split into three catagories (War/Defense, Internal Affairs, and Foreign Affairs)

Minister of Internal Affairs- are required to communicate with all member nations that want to voice any concerns or proposals. Required to propose any reasonable goverment improvements that are proposed to the MoIA by any member nations.

Minister of Foreign Affairs - required to establish communications between Oblivion and other alliances. The MoFA and diplomats for that Minister are the only nations that are allowed to establish embassies in other alliance's. In charge of organizing all embassies in Oblivion.

Ministry of War/Defense - organizes all propositions of war. The MoD is responsible for organizing and managing the all military forums. The MoD is the only minister allowed to propose war with another alliance to the Triumvirate.

Article III War

The Miniser of War/Defense is in control of organizing all propostions for war with another alliance. The proposition is then sent to the Triumvirate for approval. Once voted upon via the Triumvirate then it will be passed on to the Emperor for final approval.

Any Oblivion member nation attacked for unreasonable reasons by an aligned or unaligned alliance will be expected let the MoD or Trium of War know immediately! We always suggest peace if there is any possible way to offer peace before letting the Triumvirate and MoD know we approve that you follow that method.

Basic Laws

*Anti-Spam Law- Spamming is prohibited in any forums except The Spam Zone

*Anti-Spy Law- Spying is completely prohibited. No questions asked.

*No Debt Law- No nation will be approved if they have any debts with any previous alliances.

*Impeachment Law- Any position is open to impeachment. Government Leaders can only be impeached with a vote. The Impeachment must win a vote the Emperor and 2/3 of the Triumvirate. In the case that it is the Emperor or the Triumvirate being impeached the the vote must get 4/5 Ministers and 1/2 of the alliance body.

*Charter Admendments- Admendments can only be approved by the Emperor and Triumvirate. The MoIA will accept any proposals from the alliance body and propose any reasonable admendments to the Triumvirate to be researched and voted on.

*Tech Raiding Policy - Oblivion does allow tech raiding. We have a very strict guideline on this decision though.


NO ALIGNED NATION (yes a one man alliance counts)

Simple enuff????

This is the Oblivion Charter with the signature below I approve and put this charter into action.

Signed 11:02 February 4th. 2009

Emperor ~ King M

Edited by King M
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