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IRC: #brain on coldfront

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Here are the reasons you should join The Brain. We are a small alliance. That's means you would get more attention including more aid. Also our alliance is made up of a friendly environment. We are people who are trustful, truthful, loyal, but still fun to be around. Another reason is we like to think of all of our nations as being a proud member. We just don't think yes another nation in our alliance that means more popularity. Our alliance wants to know about you and get to know what your hobbies are and why you like them. We are willing to do anything for our alliance members and hope that anyone who joins really feels how we are really a family. So please just visit www.thebrainalliance.comand register. Then all you have to do is post an application. After that you will begin the journey through our alliance, The Brain. -zordan-
"Hot dayumn! I love it when my aid slots are full!" -KitKatFox-

Come party with us you will not regret it! Well maybe the morning after.




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