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Highland Fighters

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Highland Fighters Charter

Section 1: Our Purpose

Our goal is to provide a safe haven for all Nations to grow with one another and for Nations to meet new people and ideas.

Section 2: Our Government.

2.1: Triumvirs

They are the highest rank in our government. The Triumvirs are responsible for the well being of the alliance and its people. New laws, regulations, and amendments are to be approved by all three Triumvirs.

The Head Triumvir has the responsibility of making changes to the laws, regulations, etc that has been approved by three Triumvirs. He is also responsible for making sure that the alliance is running at its best and that there is no corruption within any areas of the alliance.

The Triumvir of Internal Affairs are responsible for the well being of the following departments:

1. Department of Finance

2. Department of Education

3. Department of Law

The Triumvir of Internal Affairs is to make sure their departments are running at its maximum best and that there are no corruption in any of these areas.

The Triumvir of External Affairs have the same responsibilities but for these departments:

1. Department of Defense

2. Department of Immigration

3. Department of Diplomacy

2.2: The Council

Each six of these departments will have a leader known as the Council. The Council is responsible for running their department and to ensure there is no corruption. The council will have meetings monthly to report on how their department is running and to propose changes to regulations and laws. These meetings will be held by the three Triumvirs on their private government IRC

Members of the Council are voted in by direct vote every 6 months. Each election is held for a week. At the end of the week, the Head Triumvir will announce the winner of each department. All members have the rights to vote but only members with six month seniority may run for a position.

Section 3: Membership

Any and all Nations are welcomed. Only exceptions are Nations currently in war. Nation engaged in war must declare peace before being accepted. Nations who wishes to join us must apply in our Immigration Department.

Section 4: Laws

1. Nation’s affiliation must be Highland Fighters at all times.

2. It is encouraged to be in the brown team.

3. Members must be active

Come join us and be part of the Beginning...!

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