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Finally, We Exist!

Kaiser Indie

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The Unrighteous Fist

For a while we have laid around in the sanction list, not really doing anything. It was fun but we finally decided that time was running out and perhaps it was best to let the CN:TE community finally know of our government, organisation and charter. So, I hereby part with all of that glorious information.

Article 9


Join us. You don't have to join up at the forums but it's nice if you do.

Article 'Get that @*%£ off my lawn'


Nuclear Weapons

We operate a first strike nuke policy, attack us and get nuked (when we eventually get around to buying some..)


Spies? In TE? I think not..


Is welcome

Article 28


Attack us and get pwned. If we attack you, get pwned.

Article XIIVIX



Article FTW!


TUF is run by the Evil Emperor/Empress Overlord. Then we have a series of people who do other things.

The Warmonger - Organises the military

The Diplomat - Does foreign things

The Enlister - Gets people to join

The Secretary - Organises pretty much all of TUF when the Evil Emperor Overlord is too drunk or can't be bothered.

Article 1


Any proposals accepted as long as we like you.

Article XI8


Mere mortals are not allowed to do any amendments or submit any.


Evil Emperor Overlord: Kaiser Indie

The Secretary: John Lennon

The Warmonger: Sir Pwnage

The Diplomat: Mandarin

The Enlister: Ken Adams

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