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Red Trade Circle - Excellent for New Nations


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I have been asked to assist some young nations with a trade circle, so here it is. This is a great set for new nations that provides $$$, Citizens and happiness. The color is red so you must be or be willing to change to red and have a harbor improvement. Please copy the Resources List text and add your nation name next to your resources (you MUST have two) and provide a link to your nation. Drop me a line in game and let me know you are interested.


Resource list:

- Aluminum

- Coal

- Fish

- Furs

- Gems

- Gold

- Lumber

- Silver

- Uranium

- Water

- Wheat

- Wine

Economic effect:

Income: +$17.5

Citizens: +22.47%

Happiness: +14

Infra cost: -16.08%

Tech cost: -5%

Land cost: -5%

Land bonus: +15%

Environment: +1

Bill effect:

Infra UpK: -10.76%

Nuke UpK: -50%

Navy UpK: -5%

Military effect:

Soldier eff.: +29.6%

Navy Cost: -5%

Aircraft Cost: -8%

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