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Green Team, 8 Bonus Resources, Nuclear capable

Louis Kane IV

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Hey all, looking to set a long term trading circle. It's a strong economic build with Uranium as wildcard for those wanting to go nuclear at some point.


aluminum.gifAluminum - 7% infra cost and 20% soldier efficiency, it's really a must, and thats before you take into account the bonuses of Construction, Asphalt, Autombiles, Beer & Radiation Cleanup you need it for

coal.gifCoal - Another 4% off infra and 8% more soldier efficiency, you could maybe get by without it if you didn't want Steel and Automobiles. Also needed for Fine Jewellery & Radiation Cleanup, which cuts back the environment penalty from importing it.

iron.gifIron - the 10% off infra upkeep becomes huge as you grow, it almost becomes 10% off bills. Knocks another 5% off your infra costs as well and is needed for the bonuses of Steel, Construction, Asphalt, Automobiles & Radiation Cleanup.

lumber.gifLumber - 6% off infra and 8% off the upkeep, powerful on its own, but its needed for the bonuses of Construction, Asphalt, Automobiles, Radiation Cleanup, Beer & Scholars.

marble.gifMarble - 10% off infra, must have, at least when buying infra at least. Needed for bonuses of Construction, Asphalt, Automobiles & Radiation Cleanup.

oil.gifOil - 10% soldier efficiency, 1.5 happiness overrides the environment hit, and helps make soldiers cheap as chips. Needed for bonuses of Asphalt, Automobiles, Microchips & Radiation Cleanup, which reduces the environment hit.

rubber.gifRubber - Gives you a small infra reducer at 3%, 20% more land helps, but becomes powerful in a tough war, as you can steal land and sell it at a good clip to replace troops and tanks. Probably the weakest of the '8' but it's real value though comes in the bonuses of Asphalt & Automobiles.

water.gifWater - 2.5happiness and +1 environment says it all, allows you to get an extra +1 happiness form population density, is needed for Beer, but due to lack of bonuses, if you have to lose one of the staples, this is often it.

wheat.gifWheat – Increases number of citizens +8%.

gold.gifGold – Increases citizen’s daily income +$3.00 and lowers technology cost by 5%.

lead.gifLead – Lowers cruise missile and nuclear weapon purchase cost and upkeep cost -20%, lowers aircraft upkeep cost -25%, lowers tank purchase and upkeep costs -8%, lowers soldier upkeep cost -$0.50, reduces environment penalties for owning nuclear weapons by 50%, and lowers all navy vessel upkeep cost -20%.

uranium.gifUranium – Reduces infrastructure upkeep cost -3%. Allow nations to develop nuclear weapons only if that nations government preference supports nuclear weapons. If a nations government preference favors nuclear technology for the use of nuclear power plants but does not support nuclear weapons then the nation will receive +$3.00 per citizen and +$0.15 for every level of tech purchased up to level 30 but loses -1 population happiness. If a nation owns nuclear weapons but does not have uranium the cost to maintain nukes is doubled. Lowers Submarine and Aircraft Carrier navy vessel purchase and upkeep cost -5%.


steel.GIFSteel - On its own, nothing special, but needed for Automobiles & Radiation Cleanup.

construction.GIFConstruction - The key Bonus resource that everyone should have, 10+ aircraft limit is almost a must. 5% infra saving is nice, also needed for Radiation Cleanup.

Asphalt.GIFAsphalt - 5% off infra bills, but real value comes in its neccesity for Automobiles.

automobile.GIFAutomobiles - +3 Happiness, Along with Fine Jewellery & Wine, the best you can get.

beer.GIFBeer - Increases population happiness + 2.

radiation.GIFRadiation Cleanup - Reduces nuclear anarchy effects by 1 day. Improves a nations environment by 1. Reduces global radiation for your nation by 50%.

microchip.GIFMicrochips - Reduces technology cost -8%, increases population happiness +2. Lowers Frigate, Destroyer, Submarine and Aircraft Carrier navy vessel purchase and upkeep cost -10%.

scholar.GIFScholars - Increases population income +$3.00.

This set gives you 8% more citizens from Wheat, the 5% tech cost reduction from Gold, as well as additional bonuses,


Lumber: Jason the Lucky

Oil: dan748

Gold: Ford Di Tea

Water: Ford Di Tea

Coal: Louis Kane

Aluminum: dan748

Rubber: Tindra

Wheat: Jason the Lucky

Iron: victorywillbemine

Lead: victorywillbemine

Marble: Tindra

Uranium: Louis Kane

If anyone is interested please post or message me in game.

Edited by Louis Kane IV
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