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Attacking Land Area in battle is not the same number as what I actually have


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I am not certain if this is a bug, but my attacking land area does not equal what I currently have.

Attacking Ruler: Scotia Defending Ruler: InternetmanLee

Deployed Soldiers: 120 (508) Defending Soldiers: 54 (82)

Deployed Tanks: 104 Defending Tanks: 0

Attacking Technology: 16.96 Defending Technology: 9.34

Attacking Infrastructure: 100.01 Defending Infrastructure: 30.41

Attacking Land Area: 90.904 Defending Land Area: 127.397

Attacking DEFCON: [DEFCON 1 - Maximum military readiness.] Defending DEFCON: [DEFCON 4 - Normal military readiness, increased intelligence and strengthened security measures.]

Battle Odds: 96% Chance of Victory Battle Odds: 4% Chance of Victory

Please notice my Attacking Land Area - it is 90.904

If, from the battle screen, I jump over to my nation, it shows that I have

94.891 mile diameter.

57.774 in purchases, 25.941 in modifiers, 11.176 in growth

I have not started the attack, nor have I made any previous attacks before this current Ground Attack screen.

Why would this be?

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