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Greetings! We are the ILLINI EMPIRE, a young empire destined for greatness.

Leaders: ILLINI EMPIRE Co-Emperors- Enlightened One1989 and etphonehome:

1. We believe in the pursuit of freedom, prosperity, equality, and the right to be protected from other rogue nations/alliances.

2. Please, Do not attack any other nations without consulting with either etphonehome or Enlightened One1989 first.

3. We do not have team restrictions, so anyone with any team can join.

4. Our foreign policy is(at this stage) to stay out of conflicts, big and small, and create friendly relationships with other alliances/nations. That way we can prosper faster, and grow in a steady environment.

5. At this stage, if you want to join, just contact Enlighted One1989 or etphonehome, and he'll decide if you are eligible.

6. We are relatively new, and at this stage, by joining, you can will feel good knowing that you may become an important part of this alliance right away.

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